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Booty Burn Workout

Booty Burn Workout

I wrote this workout for a little collaboration I did with Stylerunner's Triple White!

This is a great low impact workout, that’s guaranteed to fire up those glutes, quads and hammies, and is good for those who get sore knees from heavy or high impact training! 
There's no equipment necessary, and you only really need a space the size of a hallway, so it's perfect for a lunchtime sweat.   

No excuses!  Get out there and get moving boys and girls :)

Booty Burn Lunchtime Workout!

* Go slow in the first set, concentrating on your form. 
* Keep your core and pelvic floor engaged, and work on your alignment. 
* Use your out breath to help push through the effort phase of each movement. 
*One full set is all 6 exercises - no rest in between exercises!
* Do 3-4 sets.
* At the end of each set take a 60 second break.

1. 20 Spring Squats

  • Squat down and pushing through your heels, spring to one side, keeping your weight on one leg, with the foot kept on the ground and straightening the other leg while pointing your toe.
  • Abs on the way down, booty on the way up. 
  • Alternate sides.


2. 20 Backward Lunges with Knee Raises

  • Lunge backwards and then on the way up, drive the same knee up to your chest, using your arms for propulsion and stability.
  • Abs on the way down, booty on the way up. 
  • 10 each side.


3. 20 Squats with Crab Walks

  • Squat down and stay low with two steps to the side.
  • Abs on the way down, booty on the way up. 
  • 10 in each direction.


4. 20 Kickbacks

  • Hop down on all fours and extend one leg straight back, flexing the foot.
  • Using your glutes, raise the back leg a few inches without arching your back and bring back to the start. That’s one rep.
  • 10 each side.


5. 20 Donkey Kicks

  • Back to the same start position, instead this time we’re going to bend the knee at a 90 degree angle, keeping the foot flexed.
  • Squeeze your booty and take the flexed foot towards the sky a few inches without arching your back, and back down again.  That’s one rep.
  • 10 each side.


6. 20 Knee Circles

  • Think of a dog at a fire hydrant.  On all fours, one knee kicked out to the back, around to the side and down in a circle.  That’s one rep.
  • Try and keep your hips square to the ground throughout the whole movement, drawing in your belly as you go.  Take your time.
  • 10 each side.


Are we feeling the burn yet?  Thank me later!


Lauren xoxox

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