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The 4 Move Workout

The 4 Move Workout

I recently started doing some work with The Big Bottle Co to help with social media promotion and content creation.   This brand is totally up my alley.  They make BIG water bottles that are 2.2L, and designed with ease of use in mind - keeping it simple with their #onedayonebottle campaign.  Just fill up your bottle in the morning, finish it by the evening and you've nailed your recommended water intake for the day!  I'll usually get through 1.5 of these, and I'm trying to up that at the moment while fighting off the flu!

While shooting some content with a couple of their AWESOME bottles with my new Paco Loves Luna activewear range, I came up with an idea to incorporate the bottle into a workout.  It's perfect for those who are new to working out with weights - 2.2kg is very light and a great place to start while learning to perfect your technique and keep an eye on your form throughout the movements.  They have an easy to grip handle too, so I incorporated a lunge, twist, push, pull and squat, along with a little section of cardio to cover off all the basic movement patterns.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

* Go slow in the first set, concentrating on your form. 
* Keep your core and pelvic floor engaged, and work on your alignment. 
* Use your out breath to help push through the effort phase of each movement. 
*One full set is all 4 exercises - no rest in between exercises!
* Do 4 sets.
* At the end of each set take a 60 second break.


Photo 25-6-18, 22 02 11.gif

1.  Skipping - 60 seconds
Keep a good pace, keep your eyes on the horizon and breathe.


4 move workout 1 & 2.jpg

2. Squat and overhead press - 20 reps (10 each side)
Bring the bottle up to your shoulder, like you would a small dumbell.
Squat down and as you come back up, push the bottle to the sky, keeping your wrist, shoulder and elbow in one long line.  That's one rep.


4 move workout 3 & 4.jpg

3. Reverse lunge and twist - 20 reps (10 each side)
Hold the bottle out in front of you with both hands, both arms stay straight.
Lunge backwards and hold, twist your upper body to the side with the bent leg, back to the middle and come back up.  That's one rep.


4 move workout 5 & 6.jpg

4. Plank and row - 20 reps (10 each side)
Hold a plank with palms to the ground (push up position), focussing on your alignment - squeeze those glutes and pull that tummy in.
Take one hand off, and hold the bottle to the ground, in line with your shoulder.
Squeeze in between your shoulder blades as you raise the bottle to your rib cage and take it back down.  That's one rep.

These exercises are great for building foundations for working with heavier weights as you progress.  If you like my workouts and would like me to design a program for you - please don't hesitate to reach out here!

Lauren xoxox

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