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Well this has been an exciting past month!   I have a few changes in the works and I've been very busy getting everything ready to launch.  I hope you're enjoying the fresh look and layout of my newly updated website - please let me know if there are any teething problems with links or pictures :) - and I also have some exciting news!

I am now exclusively managed by Silverfox Mgmt as I move into a new phase of my career, focussing on creating beautiful content and representing the brands I know and love in more close relationships as an official ambassador.  I still may incorporate modelling shoots and TV commericals, but my focus will be MC-ing and Hosting events, and long term Ambassadorships where my true passions lie - within the Health, Wellness, Beauty and (just because I'm a little unusual) Motorsport realms.  

As loyal readers of my blog and supporters of my activities across my social media channels - I'd love to hear your feedback - and please don't hesitate to SUBSCRIBE so that you never miss a blog post or update!  

There are quite a few things that I'm working on that I have to keep under wraps for now, but stay tuned, all will be revealed in good time.  

Lauren xx


5 Minute Meals: Poké Bowls

5 Minute Meals: Poké Bowls

Boho 2.0

Boho 2.0