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Just Do It

Just Do It


You guys might remember that I was training for my first 14km charity run! I'm proud to say that I completed it, and (considering it was my first one) in pretty good timing across the very hilly course.   I finished it in just over 1h20 mins, and even though I felt it the next day, it was a strong sense of achievement for me - particularly because I'm not hugely a fan of long distance running.

Feeling inspired?  My friends over at Castle Towers are sponsoring the Castle Hill Rotary Club Cross Country Event this weekend that is being put on in conjunction with the Orange Blossom Festival, why not give it a try? :)

It did give me an appreciation for all of my strength training too, for all those gruelling resistance and circuit workouts time and time again have helped stabilise my somewhat dodgy knees and ankles and get them through running the whole way without injury. Which made me think - even if you're training for a fun run, marathon or obstacle course, you need to do both types of training.  Not just clocking up the kilometres, but also all of the strength, mobility and stabilising work. As an avid activewear enthusiast (can't wait for that title to show up on my business card one day), doesn't that mean you effectively need two activewear wardrobes?  Well, yes it does, particularly as a woman and all the fun challenges we have holding everything in!  So I headed to Nike at Castle Towers to get kitted out.


The smart cookies in Nike Tech Development have it all figured out - they know that run tech is very different to training tech - even though they share some features. Sweat wicking technology has come a long way and is a god send for most athletes (whether you're weekend warrior, daily yogi, strength circuit buff, or professional pavement pounder).

What did we do before this technology came our way? Clever mesh and mesh-knit panels, hidden vents.  Dri-fit fabrics act to keep you cool and dry during your sweat session, and prevent you from being wet and cold on your way home,  especially if you're training in winter.


Layering pieces are also especially important for training in winter, I picked up this really warm Nike Therma Sphere Element Top with little thermal nodules to keep you toasty, and the super lightweight Shield Jacket to block out the wind or rain - and keep you excuse free!


I can tell you from experience, it's infinitely more comfortable when you're properly supported with a perfectly fitted Nike Bra, and you can concentrate on the task at hand. Simple things like wider, elastic straps and compression fabric for those running or concentrating on high impact sports vs skinny, flexi straps and light support in training crops for those just doing low impact yoga, stretching or resistance workouts.


Longer length in the tanks prevent ride up and exposure no matter if you're running a 5K or flowing from a cobra pose into a downward dog, with no clingy feel.  The Nike Tights boast a 4 way stretch, and wide waistbands that prevent the hip dig in - higher on some for those who want more core support and coverage.  The comfort and fit of these fabrics is first class, designed to fit in with a woman's curves and move with the body.


My favourite things at Nike is the shoe wall - always so many different options for fit, style, colour and materials - you can really choose a vibe to rock for every occasion.  I went with the Nike Air Zoom Odyssey 2 in grey for a cushioned, supported ride on my runs, and the Nike Lunar Epic Low 2 in purple to provide stability and breathability in training - everything from tennis to circuits.


I even took the time on our shoot to make a friend and shoot some hoops - still got it!


Photos by Carolin Margi, check out the video below that we shot together too!

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