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Believe it or not, this was my NINTH shoot with Nic Mesker! We go way back, and I absolutely adore working with him. He's laid back, funny and feeds me Nutella toast in between makeup changes - what more could a model ask for from her photographer? Katie Pham was the hair and makeup genius behind this shoot, and despite everything that was thrown at her, torrential rain, shooting in the sauna, jumping in the pool, the hair and makeup looked amazing throughout the whole shoot.

Tessarella House was kind enough to lend me some absolutely stunning pieces for this shoot, and it really completed the luxe look we were going for. They did my wedding jewellery*, so it's no surprise that they make gorgeous, one off pieces, but the arrange of colours* and intricate designs really impressed me.

Shot on the rooftop pool area, against stormy skies, we captured a dramatic photo set using classic-cut swimwear with these beautiful jewels to bring you the Adorned story. My version is a little desaturated to let the jewellery sparkle through as the focus. For the original version, you can see Nic Mesker's "Sinatra" blog here

I hope you like the story!! As always, all the links are below :)

One piece from Jets Swimwear. Earrings, cuff and ring from Tessarella House. 1 crop

One piece from Jets Swimwear. Earrings, cuff and ring from Tessarella House. 2 crop

One piece from Jets Swimwear. Necklace from Tessarella House. 3 crop

One piece from Jets Swimwear. This necklace from Tessarella House can also be worn as a wrap bracelet. 4 crop

Bikini from Lisa Blue Swimwear. Earrings and cuff from Tessarella House. 5 crop

Necklace from Tessarella House. 6 crop

And just for fun, a few Behind the Scenes pics :) Behind The Scenes 1Behind The Scenes 2Behind The Scenes 3Behind The Scenes 4Behind The Scenes 5Behind The Scenes 6Behind The Scenes 7Behind The Scenes 8Behind The Scenes 9Behind The Scenes 10

As always, a HUGE thank you to my contributors!

Nic Mesker - Photographer Katie Pham  - Makeup Artist Tessarella House Jewellery Jets Swimwear Lisa Blue Swimwear

*I'm Australian - so the spelling reflects that. Sorry USA.

Love, Lauren xoxox lvheart

Water Baby

Water Baby

Moving to Miami!!

Moving to Miami!!