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2013 in Review

2013 in Review


So now that I finally have my website revamped and looking all sleek - I'll make more of an effort to keep it up to date! 2013 was a big year for me. Somewhat difficult and not a lot of work considering how much I normally work throughout the year.

I absolutely loved travelling back and forth to Australia 5 times in 2012 to do my TV presenting work with the Australian Superbikes and I learned so much on the job. However, in 2013 all 7 races in the ASBK calendar were practically the same dates as MotoGP and, considering we had just gotten married in December 2012, I decided to take it a little easier on the work front and support Randy a little more.

I had a LOT of work in Australia right from the 1st of January up until the 30th of March when I went overseas and worked for some great clients like, Coca Cola, J&B Whiskey, Tendance Watches, ICE Clothing, Chantelle Lingerie, Sheridyn Swim, Bras N Things, 2Chillies, Jendi, Gray's Online, Abyss, That Famous Look and Ciao Magazine.

I also spent 3 days shooting with my fabulous team - Neil Dixon, Eloise Sarah and Lauren Hendley - on the Central Coast of Australia for my very first official calendar!! If you want to order one, click on the Shop section of my website, where you can purchase a personally signed copy, or a digital download for your desktop background!

From that point on, I didn't shoot very much at all, and I didn't realise just how much I'd miss it...

The travelling madness began! On average, Randy and I travel about every 4 days for around 9 months of the year and we cover a LOT of kms flying and driving all over the world. This year I visited Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Spain, France, Germany the US, Bahamas, England, Scotland, Italy and Malaysia - most of those, several times!

My mama visited us in Europe and I travelled with her through France, Italy and England for 2 weeks, I shot 3 times with English photographer Benjamin Lycett - twice in Birmingham and once over 3 days in Cannes - and I visited Scotland for the very first time when one of my best girlfriends that I've known since I was 8 got married :)

I also signed with a great agency in Italy - Major Models Milan and got booked on my 2nd day for a swimwear company called Si é Lei.

Probably the highlight of my year was travelling to Los Angeles and Las Vegas with Sheridyn, Kyle, Karissa, Glen, Neil, Teneile, Ellie and Ross for two weeks. We went to the Playboy Mansion's Halloween party with the girls all dressed in custom made, My Little Pony inspired, Vee Love Couture Outfits. It was definitely one of the craziest parties I've ever been to and it was amazing to see how much effort they go to in decking out the whole mansion, and everyone had such incredible costumes! A couple of days later we all went wild being big kids for the day at Disneyland and stayed there till long after dark :)

Because the Playboy party was actually on the 26th October, we spent the real Halloween in Las Vegas where I was peer pressured into being Wonder Woman. I think another Halloween trip to Vegas will be on the cards in the future, we had such an awesome night and got VIP tickets to see the fabulous Claire St. Clair's Pin Up show at Stratosphere.

Another highlight of my year was shooting with Sheri, Neil, Kyle and Teneile in the Nevada Desert and Joshua Tree. I've never shot anywhere like that before, we got some seriously badass photos!!

I love the US so much, and Randy really likes it too, so I'm applying for a visa and I think we'll spend at least a few months of the year here when we're not travelling for Randy's new Official Test Rider gig for Suzuki Factory Racing. Miami is the perfect place for me because it's warm all year and I can hang out in my bikini everyday :) All jokes aside, it's actually a huge commercial market (my specialty) and I'm hoping my visa gets approved soon!

The end of the year was hard with trying to move into a new apartment which was canned at the last minute by a dodgy landlord and then losing my grandmother the same week. She was such an inspiration to me and I never really realised how many life lessons she taught me. I miss her every day and hope she's watching down on me.

So 2014 is starting as a fresh, new beginning. Fingers crossed for the coming weeks, I hope to have some good news for you soon!!

Here's a little video recap of 2013 in pictures:

Kora Rae

Kora Rae