Sweat the Style
July 24, 2017  |   Blog  |   0

Keeping active should be a priority in every day life for EVERYONE.
So many of us spend our days stuck behind a desk and sitting in the car in traffic, and then come home and plonk ourselves in front of the TV.  It messes with our liveliness and motivation, and gets us into a sedentary cycle.
It’s time to change it up and get moving more often!


Incorporating a sweat session 3-5 times a week will help boost your mood, confidence, strength, mobility and outlook.
Take a little “me-time” and dedicate it to showing yourself what your body can really do.  Build a camaraderie at the gym, catch up with a friend for a walk, or take your kids and dog down to the park – the social connection will make you more likely to stick to the commitment and you’ll feel better for it both mentally and physically.


Lucky for us, we can all look stylish while we do it!
Activewear in Australia is not only a huge trend, but also leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of the world in terms of style and functionality.   Gone are the days where we only had 3 options in the exercise gear section – the great thing about activewear now is that it’s so diverse and thoughtfully designed.  Most pieces are great multi-taskers and you can go from the gym to do your morning shopping without having to hide behind your sunnies in shame.  They also address a range of concerns.  Large bust?  Extra support with a wide range of fabrics and straps give you the confidence to bust out that HIIT workout.  Feeling a little self conscious about your tummy?  High waisted pants are a great option, they hold everything in and you don’t need to worry about spilling over when you squat with the barbell or flow through your vinyasa.  The sweat wicking technology in most garments will also keep you cool and quick to dry.



I headed down to Castle Towers shopping centre to check out the latest and greatest in double duty activewear.  My first stop was Seed Heritage to check out their new Sport range, and this line is perfect for keeping active and running your daily errands while also being able to rock the casual-cool vibe to catch up with your girlfriends.  My faves in store?  Slogan tees and cosy jumpers, luxe fabrics and cool moto details on the tights, the cutest little prints on the carry-anywhere sweat towels and this clever stylish little backpack to transport all the essentials.



Next, I hit up the local favourite - Lorna Jane Active.  I found some amazing pieces that would work for not only my heavy hitting weights circuits, but high impact cardio and boxing, and all the way through to my daily yoga flow and stretch.   I also fell in love with their fab new range of jackets, and scooped myself up this awesome bomber that I can also pair with jeans to keep me cosy on these chilly winter days.  There was such a wide range of cuts and colours to suit all body types and workouts, and I noticed that mesh and athleisure wear are really in right now.  I even picked up some boxing gloves to put to the test.



My last stop was to Foot Locker to check out the latest kicks, and spotted these awesome classic Nike Air Max 90s from across the room.  The perfect balance of street creed and comfort, you can rock these all day with anything from sweats to dresses to leggings.


In true me-fashion, I put all of these new pieces to the test with a full range of workouts including weights, sleds, boxing, spin, battle ropes, yoga, and my daily madness of running around all day and I can 100% vouch that they nail the transition from sweat to style!


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