Staying Bikini Fit Year Round
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Here’s a blog post I wrote for TheRight.Fit a while back!

Staying in your best shape year round isn’t always easy.

Holidays, big events, sickness and stress can all impede on you having the drive to keep up the healthy lifestyle year round.   I get it.  We all get it.  We’re human, after all.  But staying in shape is as much a part of a model’s job is is going to castings and turning on up time on the day of the shoot.  Making the time to consistently look after yourself will make it less of a task if you regularly build it into your schedule.

Here are a few tips to keep you on track.

**NOTE:  All of these photos are completely un-retouched.  It took a little courage to post that, but all of the tips I’ve provided for you will help you get the same confidence!**



This is probably the biggest factor for anyone wanting to get fit or improve their fitness.  Instead of having your motivation to “be skinny” or “have abs”, maybe think of the bigger picture and aim higher.  Being physically fit will mean you have more energy, and the sometimes draining hours of a shoot day will be less of a strain on the body.   You’re less likely to get sick or injured and even if you do, generally fit people recover faster.
Change up your motivation as you reach your goals and you’ll always have something to strive for.
My favourite way to stay motivated is to work with a trainer or ask a friend to be your workout buddy.  You’ll be kept accountable to turn up and push harder if you have someone to work out with, and less likely to cancel at the last minute if it means you’re letting someone else down.



Make it easy for yourself to choose healthy and balanced options every day!
Buying healthy food and cooking it up in big batches will go a long way.  So many of us come home tired and not bothered to cook, and will automatically reach for whatever is on hand.  If you have lots of fresh, healthy options on hand, you’ll be getting everything you need to stay at your best, no matter how tired you are.  It’s a money saver too!
Scheduling in your workouts as you do your other appointments will help you to be more consistent and make better use of your time.  Also, treating yourself to a little “me time” at least once a week is a great idea to reward yourself and just chill out.  Nothing quite like a fresh blow dry, sleek manicure or tidied up brows to keep you polished at all times!



Everyone has little favorite rituals and tricks for getting their best bikini body.  At times, however, it’s important to change things up so that we don’t get bored.  This is especially true for diet and exercise.

Look up some new recipes to add into your favorite staples to always have a colorful, deliciously healthy plate that you look forward to eating.  International influences and cooking classes can put an amazing twist on regular veggies, by adding in interesting grains, spices, herbs and combinations you hadn’t thought about.
Likewise for your workout routine – try a new class or work out with a trainer to shake up your routine so you’re constantly challenging your muscles with different exercises and activities.  I like to do a different combination of weight training, boxing, running, swimming, stand up paddling, Pilates, barre and yoga.



This is more of a good business move – if you treat looking after your body just as importantly as you do being punctual and hard working – you’ll soon develop the kind of rapport and reputation with your clients that keeps you booking regular jobs.  I know that off the top of my head, I have at least 10 girls who can always turn up on time and immaculately presented if I am unable to do a job.  Referrals are such a big part of the business, and since so much of this industry is last minute, this should be factoring into your motivation to be ready at all times.


Remember:  If you need to be bikini photo ready – remember that a well moisturised, faux glow is the best way to give you a little boost before you step in front of the camera!!


If you’d like any more advice on how to improve on any of these areas, or for other tips on the industry – don’t hesitate to reach out to me!  LaurenVickersModel@hotmail.com

Lauren xx


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