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The Oldest Form of Medicine
July 13, 2016  |   Blog  |   0

One of my favorite ways to wind down after a stressful week, or loosen up after a tough workout is a massage.

Massage has so many benefits, from reducing muscle tension, anxiety and stress hormones, stimulating the lymphatic system, to improving circulation,  joint mobility, injury recovery, overall wellbeing and most importantly helping to RELAX.
This age old treatment has been used for thousands of years to relieve and heal countless conditions that are prevalent in our sedentary, high-stress society like arthritis, back and neck pain, chronic pain, depression, insomnia and high blood pressure.

For those of you who are time-poor, or want to stay in your ugg boots and bathrobe, cue in: Blys Massage!  I was recently lucky enough to be treated to 2 in-home massages to try out the Blys experience for myself.

I booked dates and times online, with the type of massage, and whether I preferred a male or female therapist.  The whole thing took only a couple of minutes, and I was even able to track my therapist’s arrival - just like Uber.   My therapist set up the portable massage table in my living room by the fire and I zoned out for 60 mins of therapeutic healing :)

My first massage was a lymphatic drainage type massage – because I had been feeling very unbalanced and bloated, with my head feeling very cloudy because of my allergies.  This type of massage has a very light pressure, but it helps stimulate the lymphatic system, effectively boosting the removal of waste products in the body and helping to clear the head.

My second massage was a medium-pressure remedial massage because my muscles had been sore from boxing and then having to sit still all day to finish assignments.
This was honestly the BEST massage I have ever had, and I will be booking in regularly with Bernadette – she has magic hands and really gets in to work out all your sore spots – heaven!

Blys is available 7 days a week, from 8am till midnight with the option to have a single, couples or back to back massage if you have more than one person wanting a little chill time.  The prices start at $99, which is very reasonable in comparison with some of the day spas in Sydney, and you don’t even need to set foot outside your front door, enjoy your #RobeLife!

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They’re currently Sydney-based, but keep an eye out for them turning up in Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra soon :)
Try it out for yourself –

Happy relaxing!

Lauren xoxox