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Part of my motivation for going to the gym is setting myself up to have ZERO excuses.

Not having the time is always everyone’s number one excuse for not being able to workout, so to save yourself forgetting things and running around at the last minute – here is an easy  checklist of my favorites to have ready to go for your next workout session!

Take a look at what I stash in my monogrammed Keep It Personal Gym Bag!!

1.  Invisible Zinc Sunscreen 30+
Sunscreen is (in my opinion) THE most important step in anti- aging skin care.  Just ask my 3 girlfriends whose sun-free skin is their super power!
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These three are always flawless on camera and are naturally fair, but they change it up with a faux glow when they want a summery look and they sport sunscreen on the daily.  Fake tan formulations are so good nowadays, and gone are the days of streaky, patchy and orange skin – so get onto that quick smart when you want to be bronzed and ALWAYS apply sunscreen as part of your daily routine – and we’ll all look like Isabella Rossellini when we’re 80 ;)
I love the Invisible Zinc formula because there’s also a tinted version, great for when your skin needs to wake up a little but you don’t want to wear makeup before the gym.

2.  Brita Fill n Go Filter Water Bottle
Hydration is key before, during and after your workout to keep your core temperature stable, replace water lost through perspiration, help your muscles recover and prevent cramping.   This clever bottle from Brita has a changeable water filter to keep out any nasties and make sure you’re getting pure water every time you fill up.  Plus it’s a lot more eco-friendly than buying plastic bottles each time you hit the gym.

3.  Burts Bees Face Wipes
After I sweat, I feel like I need to cleanse.  Also, I often go to the gym or a class straight from work and need to take my makeup off, so cleansing wipes are a must in all of my backpacks, hand bags and suitcases.  These ones smell fresh and clean with a grapefruit scent, but are gentle enough on sensitive skin.

4.  Luxe Protein Powder and Shaker
Many a study has shown benefits in muscle repair by consuming 30g of protein within 30 minutes of working out, so I keep this yummy Luxe Protein Powder to mix with filtered water for a little protein hit as I’m leaving.   It also staves off those false hunger cravings that make me want to eat everything in sight (but I do not need), so I can stick to a normal meal schedule.

5.  Tinted Lip Balm
I’ve always been an addict of lip balm and I have no plans to stop.  As much as I love going makeup free on my days off, a little lip colour and some mascara can do wonders for boosting confidence.  This one is like your lips but better with a cute rosy pink tint, is made with natural ingredients and it doesn’t dry them out.  Bonus points if you find one with the extra benefit of SPF 15+ (see above for sunscreen nazi ranting).

6.  Tangleze
Bed hair has to actually be artfully created to look good, and my hair seems to have a mind of it’s own at workout time.  Keeping it up and sleek in a plait or pony tail lets me concentrate on getting the maximum out of my workout, plus it’s great at smoothing out my hair without catching on my hair extension bonds.

7.  Seaquatix
In the essence of traveling light, I can keep my license, a credit card, some cash, phone and headphones all clean and dry even if I get poured on, ridiculously sweaty or dirty in this clever little waterproof case by Seaquatix.  The bright colour also helps to find it easily.  I take these when I’m traveling and they even let you take photos on your iPhone underwater!

8.  Detox Yoga Mat Spray
For the clean freaks like myself!  Just in case you need to wipe down some really dirty or sweaty equipment in a pinch, this all natural anti-bacterial formula will do the trick, and it smells really good too!  Wiping down my phone every now and again with some of this sprayed onto a towel helps keep germs at bay.

* almost forgot!  Bamboo Towel
A girlfriend recently reminded my how much better for your skin bamboo towels are.  They’re super strong, soft and more hygienic  - bamboo fibers have many hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, plus they’re eco-friendly because they don’t require pesticides or fertilizers to grow  :)  Switch over your workout towels and you’ll notice the difference for sure!

3Photo Credit:  James Pralija of @CrankCreative

Did I miss anything?   Get in touch with tips, tricks or suggestions!

Lauren xoxox


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