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Gifts That Give Back
May 10, 2017  |   Blog  |   0

For all my Aussies, Americans and Canadians – Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday – don’t forget!!

It’s time to celebrate the selfless, brave, caring, kind, and comforting women in our lives, our mamas!

However, if your mother is like mine, she never wants for anything.
Requests for presents from my mother over the years have included a watering can and a back washer, so now she’s fired from requesting presents and I go out and use my imagination instead.

So what do you get someone who is so selfless, that they don’t want for anything?  How about something that represents some time to herself, but also gives back to those who need it most?

Sounds pretty good right?  Read on.

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Three of my favourite companies at the moment are stocking great gifts that also give back.  Lush Cosmetics, Two Good Company and Goldi activewear.

Lush Cosmetics go a long way to sustainably and ethically source natural, cruelty free, fair trade ingredients for their soaps, bath bombs, face masks, body washes, body creams, makeup and more.

They have a special SLush (Sustainable LUSH) fund where they allocate money every year (£1.2 million last year) to do things like buy 6000 hectares of Amazonian rainforest in Peru to save rosewood and other endangered trees, and then introduce Permaculture techniques for production and protection.  They employ refugees and asylum seekers in their warehouses, and on the packaging you can even see the name of the person who hand-mixed all of the goodies that go into each and every pot.  Companies that don’t just comply but also fight against animal testing have a special place in my heart, and these guys go above and beyond to raise the standard.

They have some great Mother’s Day packs in store and online with some cult favourites, and specially created products to allow your mama to indulge in a little me-time once in a while and tune out with a gorgeous bath, face mask and moisturiser.

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The Two Good Company is a charity that supports women in refuges and shelters who are victims of domestic violence, a cause close to my heart.  As part of the #loveanothermother campaign, they have some special Mother’s Day packs for the superhero in your life, and when you buy one of the Two Good Care Packs that contain a beautiful shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion (that all smell like a day spa), they’ll donate another pack to a woman living in a safe house.

Each pack also includes an optional, cheeky Mother’s Day card – I picked up “Hang in there, the first 40 years of motherhood are the hardest!” –  Mama loved it.  They also have hoodies, tshirts and meals available, so even if your mum is one of the ones that never wants a gift, I can guarantee that the meaning behind this will really touch her.

You can check out the packs and other products here and pledge to support their charity campaign with ING Direct here, I have personally just pledged $150 in the hoodie and care pack combo to help them reach their goal of $45 000.

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Goldi is one of my most recent clients, we shot their campaign and look book recently here in Sydney.   They make beautiful, quality activewear with a real eye for pretty details, and 10% of the profits from each and every sale go to the education of underprivileged children to help give them a better start to life.   Something that every mum would love to see to, I’m sure.

Treating your mama to a little workout motivation with some new workout gear, or even some relaxed loungewear so she can chill out and snuggle up, could be the perfect gift to tell her that she deserves a little extra time to herself to look good and feel great.

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So to all the mamas out there – Happy Mother’s Day.  We love you, look up to you and appreciate you for all that you do for us :)

Good luck shopping for a gift for yours!


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