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Bras n Things Get Fitted Collaboration

One of my favourite brands (and long-term clients) Bras N Things have started a new Get Fitted campaign, focussing on the importance of getting in store and finding your correct sizing.  Women can change bra sizes up to 6 times in their lifetime and so many women end up with aches, discomfort and poor support from wearing the wrong size.

When was the last time you had a bra fitting to double check your girls?

Kirsten in the Bondi Junction store was so, SO helpful.
It’s always a little overwhelming when you walk into a store and you don’t really know what you’re looking for, but she quickly gauged my taste in lingerie and started helping me pick things to try.

She really is a Fit Expert – each time I tried a garment, she inspected it from all angles to make sure it was a perfect fit and helped my indecisive self weigh up the options so I could whittle it down to 3 selections.

For the longest time, the 10E at BNT has fit me like a glove – and I know they wear well because I still have some of their bras that are 3-4 years old.

I was actually surprised how much choice I have in their ranges.  Often a size like 10E can be hard to find, or your choice can be limited to some pretty simple styles – but as you can see, I was spoiled for choice with lace, caging, bling and even bodysuits.


I walked away with 3 very different looks:
One creamy lace set with a gorgeous super-soft lace robe to complement the lingerie;



One really sexy style in black with caging, cool harness and hardware details;

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And one lace top and slip skirt that can be used as both lingerie and outerwear – just dress it up with a leather jacket and cage heels or wear it as something really special at home.

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Having worked with Bras N Things for years – I know how much thought and hard work goes into each component of every single bra.  Multiple samples, fittings, strap/cup/fabric options and tests to make sure of the quality, wearability and feel are all just part of the process.  It’s kind of cool to be part of the journey from start to finish, and seeing the ranges develop from their early stages.  I can assure you that even cooler things are coming!

Let me know what you think of my choices!  Do you find your size hard to style?
Feel free to pass on any feedback or ask any questions, I’m happy to help out!

Lauren xxlvheart


Photography by James Pralija of Crank Creative

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