About Me


A Few Particulars
I’m an Australian born and bred model, blogger, presenter and personal trainer.
I’m also a motorcycle rider, animal rescue advocate, beach bunny, avid cook and passionate about all things health & wellness.

I’m currently based in Sydney, but I have lived in (and often travel) Europe, Asia and the US for work.
I speak English, French and Italian and I’m currently studying Spanish.

Experience and Style
I started in fashion, editorial and runway when I was very young (only 11!), and as I matured, I branched out into different styles of modelling including commercial, beauty,  fitness and swimwear.
I also do TV presenting, hosting/MC-ing of events, commercials and some small acting roles and I try to donate my profile and skill set to charity wherever I can.
Spokesmodelling and social media have been an important point in my career too.  I love to represent and embody the brands I am passionate about, and have organically grown my social media channels to over 1.3 million followers collectively.

Attitude and Professionalism
I am happy to start shooting at 4am, or continue until 10pm if necessary, and I always bring a sunny attitude to any shoot to give 110%.  Feel free to ask for a list of industry professionals I have worked with and they will confirm that I am always honest, punctual, professional and passionate about my work.  This is what I do for a living, and I rely on my reputation!  That being said, I expect nothing less from my creative team and I find that it produces the most amazing effects.  I have somewhat of an insane lifestyle, but will get back to any enquiries within 48 hours.

If I’m unavailable for a shoot, I can recommend many reliable models who can also fulfill your request.